Meet Mr. Jackson Hypnotist and Magician in BC and Alberta


Meet Mr. Jackson Hypnotist and Magician

Meet Mr. Jackson hypnotist & magician in BC and Alberta, able to adapt your live entertainment. Based in Kamloops, BC, Mr. Jackson is the premier choice for anyone looking for a family friendly, all ages, unique and captivating show.

Whether you’re looking for corporate team building events, private party, safe grad, cocktail party, house party, or public show, Mr. Jackson has the skills and expertise to make it a success.

Mr. Jackson combines the art of hypnosis with magic to create a show that is both comedic, entertaining, and engaging. Enjoy close-up magic as a pre-show before his one-to-two-hour main event. Then, witness the power of the mind as volunteers from the audience are transformed into stars of the show, performing incredible feats that they never thought possible.

But Mr. Jackson is not just a hypnotist and magician! He is also an entertainer and an illusionist, captivating audiences with his quick wit and charming personality. He has a natural ability to captivate and engage audiences, large or small, and guide participants on a journey combining their conscious and subconscious minds. With a show that is both hilarious and heart felt, Mr. Jackson will leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime.

So, why not take a step into the unknown and book Mr. Jackson Hypnotist & Magician for your next event? Whether you’re looking for a unique form of entertainment or a mind-bending experience, Mr. Jackson has got you covered. When you choose us for your next event, you can expect professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to making every moment of your event truly magical! Call or text anytime.

Comedy Hypnosis Shows Deliver Laughs For Any Age Group

Performances are appropriate for all ages. Bring friends, family and co-workers together to become stars for one night, with lots of laughs and followed by the greatest sleep of their lives! Magic tricks and hypnosis can be combined in the same event for any performance, including the popular Table-to-Table Magic Shows in malls or at your fundraiser event.

Birthday Parties

Christmas Parties

Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Magic Shows

Fundraising Events for Your Cause

Group Entertainment for Any Event

$2000 for hypnosis. Minimum 30 people.

$300 for magic. Subject to change.

Bill Jackson has been a performing hypnotist since 2000. Over this time, Mr. Jackson has honed his skills to bring you a mesmerizing blend of hypnotism and magic that will leave you spellbound. He was trained and certified by the Canadian Institute of Ethical Hypnosis and has performed hundreds of shows over the last two decades. His shows are fun and entertaining for groups of all ages.

Choose from a hypnosis show or combine hypnosis and magic for a unique event at very reasonable rates. Bill is available days or evenings to meet your event schedule. He is available to travel throughout BC and Alberta and looks forward to hearing from you!

Hypno Magic shows are great for group parties and a minimum of thirty people is required to book this service. Performances are appropriate for all ages. Bring friends, family and co-workers together to become stars for one night, with lots of laughs and followed by the greatest sleep of their lives! Magic tricks and hypnosis can be combined in the same event for any performance, including the popular Table-to-Table Magic Shows in malls or at your fundraiser event.


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With a Hypnosis show, the audience is in full participation. Mr Jackson will harness the audience’s energy, while maintaining and building positive rapport with the volunteers on the stage.

This is done by emphasizing the participants’ ability of visualizing and conjuring ideas in real life as well, and by constantly stressing the general rule of thumb that people onstage have higher IQ’s. A “Mr Jackson” show builds respect and admiration for said persons, and camaraderie among friends, family, or coworkers for the future.

Each show can be tailored for your event. Having a Holiday get-together? Bring the kids ages 12 and up, and enjoy a safe event where guests onstage talk to Santa on a cell phone to complain about their lack of presents! Creating a Halloween party? Watch a person turn into a werewolf or wrap themselves up like a mummy with the toilet paper from the bathroom (the industrial size ones from a private hall are the best). Just tell Mr Jackson what the purpose of your event is, and he will custom-create part of his show for you.



What do your entertainment services cost?

Hypnosis house shows start at $300/hour for a 1 to 1.5 hour show. Grad shows are approximately $2000 and prices for larger audiences are available upon request. Magic shows are $100/hour in Kamloops and $150/hour outside the city area. If you have any questions on pricing, please give me a call.

Do you do medical hypnotherapy?

No, my services are for entertainment purposes only.

Are your performances suitable for children?

Yes! My hypno-magic shows are suitable for an all-age audience, so you can feel comfortable bringing any family member or friend, no matter their age. Performances for children’s birthday parties is one of the most popular bookings.

Do you give office parties for corporate events?

Yes, with hilarious results.

Do you perform at senior centres?

Yes, I perform magic shows for senior centres and for people with disabilities.

We had Mr. Jackson join us for our staff Christmas party this year and he absolutely did not disappoint. We had quite the group, around 50 people and I don’t think there was one single person not belly laughing. He was able to get 5 of us into hypnosis and they stole the show. Mr. Jackson had people forgetting their names, not remembering how to count, laying on the floor, convinced they were the hulk and a variety of other hilarious skits. Some personal favourites from the staff: A spouse of one of our employees was convinced there was a volcano erupting below the building and tried to get us evacuated, yelling at us to get out and being confused when we were not moving; A group of three were convinced they were freezing in the Arctic and the only way to heat up was grabbing the person next to them. The three of them cuddled right up to each other on the floor, teeth chattering; A woman, (the primary source of entertainment) convinced us she was the Hulk and showed us her muscles while grunting and yelling. That same woman had two volunteers – the hottest person on planet earth and the stinkiest person. She made googely eyes and then she was gagging -that had us in tears. Overall, we had such a fun evening and thoroughly enjoyed the show Mr. Jackson put on for our team. We would absolutely have him back again.

Skyela Bruce

I attended Mr. Jackson’s show when I was in high school in 2007 and I remember everyone having such a good time! What I remember the most is laughing at all my friends getting hypnotized to do all sorts of stuff, especially when one person was made to chase around a leprechaun he had imagined in his mind. It has made a lasting impression on me because I still can remember that show more than 10 years later!

Navjot Virk